How to Play

In this game, your pixel art is fighting with another. The one with the best color strategy, wins the battle.


Every pixel art image has mixing colors of red, green and blue (primary colors). But, some images have more reds than another, and more green or blue.

In Color Fighters, your pixel art is your fighter and every combination of colors has an attack and defence power. So, every fighter has a different power based on its colors.

Every fighter has 3 different attack powers: Red, green and blue. Example attack powers:

This image has only one pure color in its palette. So the attack power is:
ATK 12800
This is pure green and doesn't have red or blue.
ATK 01280
Red and green mixed together results yellow.
ATK 64640
Red and blue mixed together results purple.
ATK 64064
If you mix three primary colors equally you get gray.
ATK 424242
If you have only white or black, you get three equal attack powers.
ATK 424242
If you have many different colors in your palette, your attack power will be calculated based on the colors.
ATK 563933

The total amount of attack power (red+green+blue) is always 128 when you are level 1. You can have up to 10 colors in your palette. Having more colors doesn't effect your total amount of attack power. Points are evenly distributed.

As you level up, your attack & defence points increase.

You have three attack bars and you can choose whatever you want.

If you select red and your fighter has 64 red AP, you will attack with the 64 AP. Your AP does not decrease as you hit. Each bar ends in 4 hits. The super attack is twice as strong as the normal attack. Now let's explain the area you attacked.

If you're attacking with blue, you have to choose weakest-blue area. Every area of image has different colors and defence powers. You have to recognize what primary colors are in the square you attack! Look carefully at this bird. It looks like yellow right?

Yellow is mixed of red and green. So this area might have less blue! If you have enough blue attack power, you hit this non-blue area. Wow you score! Now it's her turn.

Whoever has the higher score wins the battle. That's all. Let's start a fight and see how cool it is, collect & gain your fighters!

Play single-player or multiplayer.

Turn your image into a fighter or draw from scratch.

Explore fighters, players, pixel-arts.

See your team, pixel-arts and match history.